Best 5 Rakshabandhan Sweets

Indians would be celebrating Raksha Bandhan on 26th August this year. Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating the bitter-sweet relationship between a brother and a sister.

Like every year, even this year you must have planned something great for your sibling. Brothers always wait for the sweets on this day. So it’s really important to buy the best quality sweets for your brother.

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Here are Best 5 sweets to buy for your brother this Rakshabandhan.

Motichur Laddu:

They are the most popular traditional Indian sweet dish. The word ‘motichur’ relates to crushed pearls and honestly, there couldn’t have been a better name for this sweet. Motichur Laddu is a ball-shaped sweet popular in Indian Subcontinent. The sweet, pearl-like balls are then molded into laddus. Motichur Laddu is originally said to be from the Northern region of the country, but it is the most favorite sweet of the whole country and many people across the world.

Kaju Katli:

Kaju katli is the most loved sweet among brothers. Kaju katli is also known as Kaju barfi. It is made of Cashew and milk and other dry fruits. Kesar Kaju katli is a Kaju katli recipe which includes saffron. Kesar Kaju katli is considered to be more exotic and rich.

Anjeer Patra:

Kaju Anjeer Patra is healthy sweet made from Kaju paste with Anjeer stuffing.

Fresh Kaju (Cashew) & Anjeer (Dried Fig) gets molded into soft & creamy sweet to form into Kaju Anjeer Patra. It is filled with the goodness of Anjeer which is the healthiest dry fruits of all.

Pista Roll:

Pista roll is a delicious cashew and pistachio fudge recipe. This pista roll is perfect for festival Rakshabandhan. This elongated Pista roll looks absolutely delicious.Relish the delicious pista roll this Rakshabandhan.

Dudhi Halwa:

A traditional mithai that everybody has a reason to like, some for the taste, some for the goodness of doodhi and milk.  Lauki halwa or dudhi is a sweet Indian dessert made of bottle gourd and taste super delicious.

Above listed are the Rakshabandhan special sweets you should buy for your brother from Kailash Sweets.

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Best wishes for Raksha Bandhan!!