Chandi Padva And Surti Ghari

Sharad Purnima is the brightest full moon day of the day as per the Hindu mythology. Most of the people play Garba once more on Sharad Purnima.

Sharad Purnima is famous for Dudh-Puha and Bhajiyas. And the day after Sharad Purnima is Chandi Padva. People of Surat literally wait for this day to just eat “Ghaari” (sweet) and “Bhusu” (snack).

Surat is known for its food and food loving people. Whether it is Diwali or Navratri, in Surat festivals cannot be celebrated without having a special variety of food on that occasion.

It’s been a tradition in Surat Rakshabandhan is for Kaju Katli, Navratri is for fasting Foods, and most important Chandi Padva is just more famous because of Ghari.

People go for picnics and hang out just to have Ghari and Bhusu on this occasion. Everyone will keep aside their diet just to have a bite of Ghari. On the day of Chandi Padva, Surti’s consume 100 tons of Ghari every year.

Gharis are made with Mawa, Pistachios, almonds, Cardamon, and saffron. The mixture of all these things is cooked and then rolled into the size of a ball. Further, this mixture is coated with a layer of kneaded flour.

And ultimately it is deep fried in ghee and after that, a thick layer of ghee is added to it again.

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The divine constellation of Manekthari Poonam will be seen all over the world, but will be celebrated back to back only by ‘khai-pi ney jalsa’ loving Surtis.