Diwali Sweet 2018

Diwali is a festival of joy and togetherness.

People of India celebrate this festival very uniquely.

Most of the people celebrate New Year on Diwali. And on the auspicious occasion of New Year, everyone brings sweets home.

It is very obvious that on New Year people come to your home and give best wishes for your new year.

When guests come home, we need to offer them some delicious sweets and snacks.

It is very obvious that sweets which are offered are either Mava Sweets or dry fruit ones.

Let’s try something else this Diwali and let our guest also see the change.

Angoor Rabdi

Angoor Rabdi is the similar small version of Ras Malai.

In Ras Malai, the balls of Paneer are big in size and in Angoor Rabdi they are extra small in size.

The Rabdi is prepared by boiling the milk and adding sugar, saffron and dry fruits to it. Later sweetened Angoor is added to the Rabdi.

This is really a fresh sweet dish which you can offer to your guest and they will love the same too.

People find it difficult to make sweets like Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, and Angoor Rabdi. The process of making these sweets is really long so many working people don’t get time to make Angoor Rabdi at home.

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This Diwali try something new and change the old trend!